Monday, August 17, 2009

Support our Military!

American flag against blue sky

One of my husband's younger cousins enlisted in the Navy and is leaving for basic training in the morning. We are so proud of him for choosing this path in his life, and know that it will lead to great things for him. With him embarking on this journey, I got to thinking about our military and ways that we can help others who dedicate their lives to keeping us safe and free. In my search, I stumbled across the group Guardian Soldiers. This non-profit organization was formed in memory of MSG Davy Weaver who was killed in action in Afghanistan on May 18, 2008, after 21 years of service to our country. MSG Weaver left behind three children, including a son with special needs. Guardian Soldiers employs special needs citizens as volunteers to fill the boxes that are sent to our soldiers. Please check out the Guardian Soldiers website to see how you can help both the soldiers and the special needs people who are helping them.

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