Friday, July 9, 2010

New Orleans Free and Frugal Events This Weekend

Here are a few events to kick-start your weekend without breaking the bank:

Up for a run on Saturday morning?  Head to the Quarter to celebrate San Fermin in Nueva Orleans 2010!  The running of the bulls in New Orleans is a little different than the one in Spain - here, the Big Easy Rollergirls are ready to "gore" the runners with plastic baseball bats!  The event is free, and starts at 8am at Conti and Bourbon Street (runners begin to assemble at 7am).  If you plan to run, wear white with a red cloth on your waist and neck.  Kids are welcome, but are asked to stay on the sidewalk.  If you're in the street, you're fair game for a knock down by one (or more) of the toughest women in New Orleans!

The boats are back at City Park's Big Lake, and to celebrate, they've scheduled a blessing of the fleet (now including bikes and a gondola!) for Saturday at 11am, and free boat and bike rides from 11am until noon. 

Are your children fans of the PBS show Super Why?  I know my boys are.  Super Why will be visiting the Esplanade Mall in Kenner on Saturday from 1-3pm to promote reading around the world in conjunction with WYES and the Simon Malls' Kidgits program.  If you have never heard of Kidgits, it's a kid's club that costs $5/year, and includes a t-shirt, birthday gift, and monthly events at your nearest Simon mall.

Teach your kids about the dangers of drugs at the Louisiana State Museum's exhibition "Target America: Opening Eyes to the Damage Drugs Cause".  The exhibition will be on display (with free admission) through November 24th, but on Saturday from 1-3pm, children will have the opportunity to become Junior DEA agents by completing 3 tasks in the exhibit.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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