Friday, July 31, 2009

Road Trip

We're traveling this week to visit my parents 16 hours away. Yes, 16 hours - with 2 young boys, AND a dog we can't trust to stay home with the other 3! Let me say that I was both looking forward to and dreading this trip at the same time. I decided to find some ways to make it happen more smoothly and more frugally. Enter the dollar store. Before we left town, my husband and I took the boys to the dollar store to grab up some treats and drinks for the road. Anyone who's taken a road trip can attest to how fast those snacks, drinks, and meals on the road can add up - this is what I was trying to avoid. So, we trekked through the aisles of the dollar store and grabbed a few treats to take with us. Our 4 year old was thrilled that he got to help plan part of the trip, and the one year old was just along for the ride. After filling up the basket with cookies, gum (for me), rice krispie treats (chocolate-drizzled, no less), drinks, and a gallon of water for the dog, we went home to pack the car. Add to those items some turkey, ham, cheese, and a loaf of bread, and we were set for the ride! We made it the whole way from Louisiana to West Virginia without having to stop for food or drinks. My family didn't feel shorted, either, since they were a part of the planning. Now, let's see if we can be so lucky going home...

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